Paul Daley Knocks Brennan Ward Out Cold With Huge Flying Knee

In stark contrast to the previous match, Paul Daley versus Brennan Ward was short and sweet.

Early in the first round, Daley landed a nasty spinning elbow on Ward. It didn’t knock Brennan out, but it did hit him hard enough to send him stumbling backwards.

And that is all Daley needed. With his opponent far enough away, Daley charged in, leaped into the air, and drove his knee right through Brennan Ward’s face.

There was no need for a follow-up, only a celebration. Daley is now one of only two men to have knocked out Ward.

But that wasn’t all. The veteran mixed martial artist then called out newly-recruited Bellator fighter and former UFC title contender, Rory MacDonald.

How does that sound for a fight?

Winner by KO (flying knee): Paul Daley!


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