Tito Ortiz Ends His Pro MMA Career With Huge First-Round Submission Over Chael Sonnen

A true mixed martial arts legend is ending his professional MMA career on high note, landing a huge, first-round finish over another MMA legend, Chael Sonnen.

Tito Ortiz was intense from the get-go. When the American and Mexican flags dropped, the People’s Champion (no, not The Rock) was bouncing on his feet, eager for the first bell to grant him permission to sink his teeth into his opponent. Ortiz couldn’t even stay still while the National Anthem played.

None of that energy went to waste, though. ┬áChael came in with a kick, but Tito responded with punches. The People’s Champ then took down one of the top wrestlers in the game with a single leg. Chael reversed it and put his opponent in a guillotine, but he only had half guard. Tito pulled his head out, passed to mount, and reigned down some solid elbows.

Sonnen wanted no part of Tito’s strikes and turned his back. But unfortunately for the American Gangster, that just set him up for a RNC. Chael Sonnen did everything right to defend it, but Tito was too strong, and Sonnen had no choice but to tap, nap, or snap (his jaw, that is).

He opted for the first. Tito, however – perhaps because of all the trash talk before – was in no mood to let go, and veteran referee “Big” John McCarthy had to pull the Huntington Beach Bad Boy off his opponent.

When his last post-fight interview came around, Tito Ortiz thanked everyone who had made his dreams possible: his family, his friends, and his training partners.

The legend also made it clear that he was still one of the top dogs in the sport that he helped popularize:

“Ortiz rules!” he yelled to an ecstatic crowd.

Tito Ortiz retires with a 19-12-1 record in mixed martial arts. He is a former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion and a member of the promotion’s Hall of Fame.

It is thanks partly to him that the sport of mixed martial arts is where it is now, and everyone – his fans and his detractors – owe him a debt of gratitude.

The Jiu-Jitsu Times wishes Tito Ortiz nothing but the best, and would like to thank him for helping to make MMA the sport it is today.



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