Peace Blossoms Between Jacare And Vieira

Old rivalries and betrayals ceased when Romero Jacare and Leo Vieira officially made peace. Leo Vieira and his estranged master, Romero Jacare, hugged and called a truce after years of friction and opposition. They did this at the Evexia Expo in Las Vegas for all to see.

The trouble started when certain members of Alliance Jiu-Jitsu decided they wanted to branch off and form other divisions because of the restrictions that were on them concerning certain competitions. Atos, Checkmat, TT and Brasa are just a few of the teams that members formed after the breakups. Leo was the one who founded Checkmat.

The Alliance founders expelled Leo because he talked the black belts into leaving the team. They said that they learned to guard their students and teammates better. They also learned that the departed team members’ pride did not cause them to succeed. All is well now between all the parties.


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