Pedro Sauer & Gracie Academy Partnership Announcement

In a video released on the Gracie Breakdown YouTube channel, Master Pedro Sauer appeared alongside Ryron and Rener Gracie to announce his partnership with the Gracie Academy. With over 40 years of experience under Rickson and Helio Gracie, Master Sauer runs one of the largest BJJ associations in the world. In the video, he shares his aspirations to address the lack of emphasis on self-defense and the absence of structured curriculums at BJJ schools around the world.

A merger between the Gracie Academy Certified Training Centers and the Pedro Sauer BJJ Association is very significant, since each organization is comprised of over 100 individual schools. Apparently, they will offer a uniform curriculum at all schools across the board, something that has never happened in BJJ on such scale.

The universal curriculum would be based on the existing Gracie Academy programs and would require existing Pedro Sauer instructors to complete the Gracie Academy Instructor Certification Program.

For those not familiar with the Gracie Academy curriculum, here are some newly released videos on each their proprietary programs.

Gracie Combatives
Gracie Bullyproof
Master Cycle
Women Empowered
Instructor Certification

Later in the video, Rener also announces the new “Master Sauer Seminar Series” on Currently, there are three Pedro Sauer available: Side Mount Escape Mastery, Guard Pass Mastery, and Submission Mastery. This is the first time Gracie University has offered an instructional courses not taught exclusively by Ryron and Rener, and could be a sign of things to come. Master Sauer Seminar Series 


  1. The worst part about this is how a Pedro Sauer Blue Belt used to mean something, and not with this “merger,” which is obviously an acquisition because no “GJJ” gyms require learning of Pedro’s system, but now all Pedro gyms require GJJ standards. This is sad.

    I toughed out 13 months every day to get my blue belt, I was not bullied, but I was shown technique over power, and I use that philosophy with white belts. They learn and adjust, that is the difference.

    It’s gross, but supporters will be blinded. .

    • Can you tell me why you dislike this? I am looking for a school to learn BJJ and was considering a Pedro associated school. It seems like the merger is giving structure and uniformity to the curriculum. Why do Pedro’s belt not mean anything now?

  2. This is great news for jiu jitsu students at Pedro Sauer Schools. The Gracie Curriculum is the best, cleanest technique I have ever seen. I have trained at Machado, Ribeiro, Royce Gracie, Gracie Academy, and Pedro Sauer schools. Nothing compares to the linear curriculum, and precise technique taught at the Gracie Academies and on their instructional videos. Nothing. If you have not done it, do yourself a favor and put it to the test. Do not just assume the “loudest” voices in online forums are correct. I earned my blue belt at a BJJ school after training for a year, then I did the combatives program through the Gracies. There is really no comparison. Educate yourself.

  3. I don’t see the benefit for the Pedro students. They will have to pay the gracie academy to get the blue belt and other qualifications along with a monthly fee to join the gracie academy, and pay $85 each to watch Pedros seminars online. What do the gracies students do. Pedro has modified a lot in BJJ will the gracies incorporate those changes? At least its not compulsory I’m happy to be a Purple belt under the Pedro association.

  4. I spoke to a representative at the Pedro sauer academy hq and they only teach the gracie combatives program and the rest is all Pedro Sauer’s curriculum.


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