People Who Train Kickstarter Ready To Highlight Jiu-Jitsu Lovers

The Jiu-Jitsu community is made up of more than just one type of person. One common misconception about this treasured sport is only a few professional practitioners exist, but the truth is the community is very diverse.

The People Who Train is an expedition that will highlight some Jiu-Jitsu lovers who do not get the opportunity to share their stories.

The People Who Train Kickstarter is meant to help Jiu-Jitsu practitioners reach higher ground with this recorded expedition of interviews. What they want to do is travel to various locations, and give people an opportunity to share.

The martial art lovers involved in this project are happy about the diversity of the interviews. The types of individuals who have come forward have included firefighters, mothers, teachers, real estate agents, writers, and many others.

The project is meant to shed a light on everyday people who enjoy the art of Jiu-Jitsu. The sport has found a home in many hearts, and the People Who Train will expose those hearts to viewers. The interviewers behind this project have already talked to people in Mexico, Europe, and different places in the United States, though there are several more stories out there that deserve this outlet should they receive enough help through Kickstarter.



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