Pettis Vs Holloway Still On, Pettis Can’t Win Title, Must Give Up 20% Of Purse

Luckily for UFC fans everywhere, tomorrow’s main event interim featherweight championship fight between Anthony Pettis and Max Holloway is still on.

However, it’s not really an interim title fight. Because Pettis failed to make weight, not only will he have to forfeit 20% of his purse, he will not be crowned champion even if he wins.

This means the only person who can walk out of UFC 206 tomorrow as the new interim featherweight champion is Max Holloway.

How do you guys feel about these results?


  1. You have to make weight, there’s no way around it. If Pettis wins it isn’t fair to the competitor who sucked down if he were to attain the belt. Otherwise, competitors would forfeit 20% of their purse and weigh in 15lbs overweight in title matches.


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