Poor Kid Cries As His Instructor Gives Him His First Gi

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is indeed for everyone: male and female, black and white, and as this video proves, rich and poor.

In a video posted earlier by Silva BJJ Silva, a BJJ instructor gave a free gi to a child who was too poor to afford one. The Facebook post read:

Uns preferem medalhas…outros dinheiro…alguns preferem status….mais nós queremos ver a felicidade que chega a emocionar uma criança…Mais um soldadinho fardado!!!!

Obrigado Senhor por momentos como este.

Projeto social Guerreiros de Gideão.

(FACEBOOK TRANSLATION: Some prefer medals… other money… some prefer status…. the more we want to see the happiness that comes to cry a child… one more soldier in uniform!!!!
Thank you Lord for moments like this.
Social Project Warriors of Gideon.)

You can watch the touching video below:


  1. Life will always give opportunities to do great things, to be a hero, to change your life and that of someone else. This was that moment. Congratulations to everyone in that room who go to experience what compassion and charity truly mean. I hope this young man someday passes it on to someone less fortunate. Great job and well done.


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