Proving Grounds Invitational; the Next Big Event?

Proving Grounds Invitational is about to launch their inaugural event and it has the potential to be one of the best out there. Started by a couple of lesser-known grapplers from Utah, the event has already exploded with talent.

As an invite-only competition, the winner of each of the three brackets (-160lbs, 160-190lbs, 190+lbs) will win $2,000 cash to take home for their victory.

Competitors will 13620812_914929495299279_6350035133012885737_nhave the ability to weigh-in on September 9th, the day before the competition. On September 10th, a loaded card filled with amazing competitors will take place in Layton, Utah at The Garage MMA.

Some of the competitors will include: UFC vet Tyson Griffin, grappling world champion Brandon Ruiz, MMA pioneer Jeremy Horn, and Bill Cooper.

Rules will follow EBI format with a few minor tweaks. Slams, knee-reaping, and neck-cranks will also be legal.

Further information as well as brackets can be found on PGI’s Instagram and Facebook.

Listen to the podcast below for all of the details.


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