Purple Belt Who Lost 200 Pounds Through BJJ Gives Advice To Heavier Grapplers

How many times have you heard (or said), “I’ll start training jiu-jitsu, but I want to lose some weight first”? It’s more of a challenge to get into jiu-jitsu when you’re out of shape or have a significant amount of excess weight, but a purple belt who has been there, done that is adding his voice to the symphony of people reminding others that you can do it.

Mark Lovegrove started jiu-jitsu eight years ago at nearly 500lbs. He was so heavy that he couldn’t use at-home scales, instead having to weigh himself on industrial scales to get an accurate reading. Then he found jiu-jitsu, and through the direct effects of the exercise and his efforts to change his lifestyle to become better at BJJ, he’s now lost about 200lbs and has made it all the way to purple belt.

In the short film below by RVV BJJ, Mark tells his story and gives advice to other people who believe they’re “too big” to start training. Make no mistake, it’s a rough road, but Mark is proof that with the right mindset, you can live a healthier life by starting your journey on the mats.


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