Quit A Gym That Won’t Let You Use Leg Locks?

In this video, second-degree BJJ black belt Nick “Chewy” Albin answers a question from someone wondering whether or not he should quit his gym because his instructor won’t let him use leg locks.  The writer admits that he loves his gym. He says there are some great people there. However, his coach has actually threatened him, saying that if he doesn’t stop using leg locks, he will face consequences.

Chewy’s advice is to ask why. He recounts the time one of his white belts asked him why they started rolling from the knees at his gym, and he had no answer.

The important thing about conversation is for both sides to be open. If your coach is unwilling to listen or responds with threats, it might be a good idea to leave.

But if she has some good reasons for not allowing leg locks, then you should show her the same openness she expects from you and perhaps consider no longer using them — at least against certain ranks.

You can check out Nick “Chewy” Albin’s entire video above.



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