Ralek Gracie To Pay His Debts Soon

Recently, Ralek Gracie spoke about his debt to Bellator. He also discussed his brothers a little bit. His brothers currently don’t want anything to do with him or Metamoris, and they have advised other people not to do business with the company.

Gracie said that he still has the support of his father and that the problems with his brothers are family matters that he does not think he should discuss.

Ralek Gracie On Inside BJJ Podcast

“Everything I’m doing is to move forward and to win. I put myself in this position. I wanted this struggle. It’s my destiny. I’m going to represent jiu-jitsu.

We lost our investor after the first two shows. We were throwing away money.”

“We have to take a loan to pay the people we owe. I’m not going to wait for Bellator. I wanted to grind it but since everybody hates me, we’re at a stand still. So I’m getting a loan and will pay the athletes.”

Ralek has been having some serious debt problems and said that he will have to take a loan from lowell to pay everyone back. He said that his debt troubles are partially due to not having the support of his family, friends, or any investors. He imagined that his endeavors would have gone differently if he had been able to receive some support. Gracie said that he intends to repay the athletes. The family issues are another matter that may not resolve quickly.


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