The Re-Re-Match That We Need To See!

So much of the time I write on controversial topics in order to engage the readers, but I want to take a second to talk about a re-re-match that I have been waiting for ,and it has never come. I am talking about Ciao Terra vs Jeff Glover. These two first faced at the 2012 at the world Jiu Jitsu expo and they had a great match with Jeff coming out ahead on points with a last second back take.

Then they had a re-match at Metamoris. The re-match was in my opinion the best match Metamoris ever put on and one of the greatest in history. I say this not because it was a crazy competitive match, but rather at how playful they were. Both competitors put on a great show while also going for the submission when it counted. Some of the highlights included fake attacks, Ciao simply laying down and immediately sweeping at the start, some crazy toe hold attempts, a lot of interesting inversions and one super tight arm bar which ended the match and secured Ciao Terras victory. Also worth noting was a funny moment where Jeff turned his back to Ciao and instead of charging for it, Ciao simply gave him a butt tap and laughed. This is a great example of what spectator friendly Jiu-Jitsu looks like even without take downs. All things considered with these two competitors being even on the wins, I believe a re-re match is in order. Maybe they could do a no time limit sub only match?


What are your thoughts on this epic match? You can view it here at



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