The Reason Why Robert Drysdale Won’t Do MMA/BJJ Competition Anymore

Robert Drysdale — the undefeated Legacy FC fighter and BJJ black belt — is calling it quits from MMA and BJJ competition.

Drysdale did an interview with MMA Coach today, explaining that he was just too busy.

“People who know me know this perfectly well; I wear a lot of hats…I end up doing too much,” he told MMA Coach. “I run a jiu-jitsu team, I run a school, I’m a father, I teach a lot of seminars around the world, I’ve gone back to school, I’m doing my masters degree at UNLV…you know, it’s a lot to do. And fight professionally? Are you kidding me?”

Drysdale also said he isn’t interested in BJJ competition anymore.

“I don’t get a kick out of winning a medal or having my hand raised anymore. I have other things that, to me, are more important in my life.”

You can check out the rest of Robert Drysdale’s interview with MMA Coach below:


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