Rickson Gracie On The Problem With Students Who Go To Different Schools

Rickson Gracie has been very vocal about loyalty to one’s school. In an interview, Gracie commented on the love, knowledge,advice and respect that is mutually shared between a student and the school, and the bond that is formed when a student decides to choose one school over others. Gracie emphasized that students who jump from one school to another, known in Brazil as creontes, lose the pride to represent a particular school.

Dividing one’s time between two or more schools creates a problem when it comes to choosing what school the student decides to represent. Teaching students like these do not give an incentive for jiu-jitsu teachers to share all the knowledge they have because the student can decide to leave at any time. Gracie went as far as to say that these students are not the ideal students to teach because they can easily leave and pledge their loyalty to another school after learning all they can from their former teachers, something that understandably does not sit right with the LEGEND.


    • ahahahaha couldn’t point it out better. Also what about being open-minded? You need to stick to one teacher for your whole fucking life?

  1. Nonsense. A fighter with integrity will learn from anyone and everyone who teaches with integrity, and will honor all of them. What’s with the us-vs-then aspect of representing a school? Getting better isn’t a zero-sum game, for an individual, and for the collection of schools as a whole. Cross pollination makes everybody better. If you don’t have integrity, and you dis people who taught you, everyone will see through that sooner or later. But if you insist that your students only learn from you, you’re limiting them…and sooner or later they’ll be left behind and your legacy will be nothing. It’s a big world, the time for petty gang rivalry is over. Be your best, never stop learning.


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