Rickson Gracie’s Daughter Talks About Trauma After Stillbirth And How BJJ Helped Her

Rickson Gracie’s daughter, Kaulin, shared a tragic and personal story yesterday on The Kuzushi Podcast. 

Life was going well for Kaulin shortly after she married her husband. She had already given birth to beautiful child, and she was about to give birth to another.

But then, tragedy struck:

I got married, and I had this wonderful, beautiful child and we had this very, like, beautiful life and then I had another child and I lost him in a stillbirth.

The child’s passing had a terrible effect on Kaulin’s mental and physical health:

I was living with Kron [Gracie, Rickson’s son] at the time and I was like, I lost my hair, I lost my…I was so depressed, I was so stressed out, and Kron was like, “Kaulin, come to the academy.” 

It turned out to be a life changer for Kaulin.

So I came to the academy that day. I’d lost a lot of my hair and we start doing the warm up and I’m doing this warm up, the movements, and I literally crash into the back wall. I was so gassed, I was so embarrassed I was so emotional, but it was the first time in 6 months since what had happened and I didn’t think about what had happened and I wasn’t stressed. I became addicted to it. I started training a lot with my brother who made fun of me. “Oh Kaulin, she’s become a professional athlete.”

You can listen to the entire podcast below:


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