Rigan Machado: ‘Ashton Kutcher Can Beat Conor McGregor In Grappling Match’

Ashton Kutcher may be better known for his movies, and his guest appearances on ‘Shark Tank’ but the star is also a purple belt, and has plenty of experience of wrestling. But is the actor good enough to beat some of the best fighters around? Well, plenty of people seem to think so, including no less than Jiu-Jitsu legend Rigan Machado. With 44 years of experience under his belt, Machado should know what he is talking about, so when Rigan Machado Says Ashton Kutcher could beat Conor McGregor in grappling match, you tend to believe him. Machado goes on to say that Kutcher really could be one of the best fighters around, pointing out his just about perfect weight and height, 6-2, and 200 pounds. Unfortunately, Kutcher hasn’t actually challenged popular and often outspoken fighter McGregor, but many fans are waiting for that to happen. One thing is certain, it would be a sell out match.



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