Rising BJJ Star Fabricio Andrey Earns His Black Belt

The jiu-jitsu world has a new black belt to look out for, and if his colored belt career is any indication, the next phase of his BJJ career is going to be an impressive one.

Alliance athlete Fabricio Andrey has revealed that he’s been promoted to black belt. The upgrade follows a decorated resume at the colored belt levels. He won Euros earlier this year after submitting all six of his opponents on his way to the top of the podium. His brown belt career was short, but well earned — he won Worlds and the World Pro as a purple belt the previous year, and there was no way for him to go but up.

Andrey expressed his gratitude and shared his inspiring journey in a social media post announcing his promotion:

“It all started in 2012 when they set up Projeto Nandinh. It was on the street behind my house, where I had the first contact with this sport through the teacher @melquigalvaojj. He taught me to have dreams through jiu-jitsu. That’s when I started training every day and striving in each training session. WE knew that it would work since every effort is rewarded and recognized in the end. When I traveled to São Paulo to compete in 2017, I decided to stay, joining Alliance Centro with the teacher @mesquitabjj where I met people. After a few months in SP, I met people who took me to the Alliance matrix where @isaquebahienseb, @michaellanghi and @fabiogurgel provided me with an important structure to win several great titles. Yesterday I returned to Manaus to prepare for the @bjjbetofficial championship, and today I had the honor of receiving the black belt from my first teacher who supported me since my white belt. I would like to thank everyone who was part of that dream.

Be on the lookout for more great things coming from this young athlete in the future!


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