Road To Metamoris: Episode 1 Recap

Episode one of Road to Metamoris is out now.

In case you missed the format of the tournament, it is as follows:

  • 16 competitors.
  • 4 groups of 4.
  • Round-Robin
  • Each match is 15 minutes long.Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 9.43.16 PM
  • Whoever gets the most submissions in the group, becomes that group’s finalist.
  • The four finalists create a new group which is then fought as a Round-Robin.
  • The winner faces Jeff Monson at Metamoris 6.

This week’s episode showed the matches from group #1. The episode in it’s entirety was 13 minutes and 46 seconds long.

The competitors from group #1 are:

  1. Travis “Newaza” Warner (Purple Belt)
  2. Joseph “Moku” Kahawai (Brown Belt)
  3. Adam Wheeler (Black Belt)
  4. Justin Colburn (Brown Belt)

Without further explanation, here are how the matches played out.

Match #1: Newaza vs Moku

  • Moku immediately gets double-unders, lifts and drops Newaza right into bottom side control.
  • Newaza quickly recovers half-guard.
  • Moku passes to mount and attacks with an americana.
  • Newaza rolls Moku, who counters with and armbar, but Newaza defends and rolls into Moku’s guard.
  • Moku sets up a triangle and locks in a Kimura on Newaza’s inside arm.
  • Newaza taps.

RESULT: Moku wins by Kimura.

Match #2: Wheeler vs Colburn

  • Colburn comes out wearing wrestling shoes.
  • Wheeler trips Colburn, and passes his guard with a double under.
  • Colburn turtles, Wheeler takes the front headlock position before dumping Colburn back into bottom side control.
  • Colburn recovers guard and gets the triangle set-up position.
  • Wheeler once again passes and Colburn turtles.
  • Wheeler attempts to roll Colburn into his guard and gets one hook in before transitioning back to side control where he attempts a head and arm choke.
  • Colburn escapes and recovers guard.
  • Wheeler passes guard again as the round ends.

RESULT: Draw/No Submission

Macth #3: Wheeler vs Newaza

  • Newaza comes out aggressive, but pulls guard anyways.
  • He quickly gets the triangle set-up, but Wheeler passes and attacks with a Kimura from top half-guard before taking side-control.
  • Newaza escapes; both men return to their feet and Newaza pulls guard again, immediately getting the mission control position.
  • Wheeler passes, and Newaza recovers and attempts a final triangle as the round ends.

RESULT: Draw/No Submission

Match #4: Moku vs Colburn

  • Colburn heavy on head-control
  • Moku performs a slide-by and gets a full-bodylock before lifting and dropping Colburn into bottom side control.
  • Colburn attempts to escape side control by sitting straight up, only to be sucked back down by Moku on each attempt.
  • Moku takes north-south and locks in a Kimura.
  • Colburn verbally submits.

RESULT: Moku wins by Kimura.

And with that, no other competitor can hope to tie up the score with Moku, so he is group #1’s finalist.


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