Robert Drysdale Shares Why He Believes Jiu-Jitsu Isn’t In The Olympics

The 2020 Olympics are now over, but over the past couple weeks, there’s been a lot of talk about whether jiu-jitsu will ever be in the Olympics… or whether it even should be.

While other combat sports like wrestling, Taekwondo, judo, and boxing have all found a home in the Olympics, jiu-jitsu hasn’t. Some people believe that it’s for the best, claiming that BJJ would be “watered down” by Olympic rules, while others think that the Olympic stage would be the perfect place to give jiu-jitsu the attention it deserves.

Former ADCC champion Robert Drysdale has his own opinions on the matter, and in a new video, he’s shared why he believes that jiu-jitsu hasn’t gained Olympic attention and why he believes that may be for the best.

You can watch the video below:



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