Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu Pops the Question to Grappler Maggie Grindatti

She said OSS! (Or yes. Whatever.)

Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu broke a cardinal jiu-jitsu rule this weekend, starting a face off with another grappler from his knees. But the opponent was his longtime girlfriend, Maggie Grindatti, and he had a diamond in one hand, so no one minded.

The tearful proposal was shared to Cyborg’s social media on November 24. In the video Cyborg appears to be setting up a ma-sutemi-waza of some kind, but disengages from Grindatti and instead pulls out the ring as a love song plays and onlookers “woo” and howl. Maggie answered by crying, then getting to her knees, then kissing him, and then crying some more, which is universal girl language for “yes.”

A crowd then cinematically erupts into cheers.

Abreu and Grindatti have been two of the BJJ world’s most photogenic and heavily muscled lovebirds for years now. Cyborg coached his future bride to the podium at Pans No-Gi earlier this year, as well as six other world titles. Cyborg himself is, of course, a world champion black belt and pro competition fighter, as well as the owner of his Fight Sports academy.

Congratulations to the happy couple:


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