Roger Gracie Earns 5th Degree Black Belt By His Father, Promotes 9 Black Belts Same Day

12 years after his reign over IBJJF, the well-decorated Roger Gracie has earned his 5th Degree Black Belt from his father, the famed Mauricio Motta Gomes.

Roger first earned his black belt from Carlos Gracie Jr. in 2004, a year before his double-gold performance at ADCC. On Monday, Gomes celebrated his own birthday by awarding his son his 5th stripe. Gomes, an 8th Degree Red and White Belt, received his Black Belt from the legendary Rolls Gracie. 

Roger, now 40, has enjoyed one of the most illustrious, competitive careers in the sport and now teaches alongside his father at the Roger Gracie Academy in London. Not only did he enjoy his own promotion, but spent the day promoting 9 new Black Belts as well. 

Roger celebrated his achievement with an instagram post, 

They must be doing something right at their academy, as the ceremony was absolutely packed and spirits were high. A group photo on Roger’s page shows nearly 40 Black Belts. The Roger Gracie Academy celebrated the night with their own social media post, showing lots of smiling faces,


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