Daisy Fresh Leaves The Laundromat

The darlings of Jiu-Jitsu in the United States, Pedigo Submission Fighting, also known as Daisy Fresh (after the converted laundromat that they trained in until now) have cemented themselves in the pantheon of combat sports.

A team based in a small, blue-collar town in south-central Illinois, PSF has spent the past several years amassing a constantly growing list of achievements, leading many to ask “Why do they still train on old, worn-out mats in an old, dilapidated building?”

Amazingly, through their meteoric growth, winning no-gi pans in 2021, producing and aligning with some of the most impressive names in the sport, Daisy Fresh was only recently able to make the move they most likely have wanted to make for years.

The new location is everything the old one wasn’t: large, impressive, and well appointed.

Here’s a video detailing the move:

The jiu-jitsu and work ethic will remain the same, but now will be done in a more comfortable and safer location.  Best of luck and congratulations Heath and the rest of PSF/Daisy Fresh!  


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