Roger Gracie: Master Of Escapes

Any individual that is a fan of martial arts has an extensive knowledge on who Roger Gracie is and what he has accomplished. In the world of martial arts, Roger Gracie is known as a legend. Roger Gracie, is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner and mixed martial artist. Throughout his career in martial arts, he has been referred to as Roger Gracie: master of escapes. Gracie has obtained a black belt, and has also been considered by many to be the greatest competitor of all time in the sport.
Additionally, he has been recognized as a 14 time World Champion–12 of which in the black belt division, and a mixed martial arts competitor, Roger Gracie: master of escape and his family, who are all involved in the world of martial arts, lived in Rio de Janeiro, and later moved to London, England during his youth. Later on, Gracie opened one of the counties largest academies in which he is an instructor at.


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