Romulo Barral: ‘People Only See Who You Are Today, They Don’t See The Road You Walk To Get Where You Are’

Photo: Kitt Canaria

Professor Romulo Barral is one of the biggest names in competitive Brazilian jiu-jitsu. The owner of Gracie Barra Northridge, Romulo not only has won gold in some of the biggest tournaments all over the world, but has trained such superstars as Felipe Pena and Edwin Najmi.

In this video entitled “No Sacrifices” BJJ fans all around the world get a look at the man who is Romulo Barral. Romulo talks about his family, his matches, and what drives him to be one of the top fighters in competitive Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Still, as much as you will see of him in this video, it will only be a glimpse. As Professor Barral says:

People only see who you are today, they don’t see the road you walk to get where you are.

Check out the video below for a touching portrait of one of the biggest names in the sport of Brazilian jiu-jitsu!


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