Ronda Rousey Open To Compete At Metamoris 5

After UFC Fight Night 51 Ronda Rousey Talked To The Media About Competing In Jiu-Jitsu

I’d be happy to do Metamoris if they paid me as much as they paid me for a UFC fight. I don’t really have that much time. Right now, it’s so much to keep up with the acting career, and the MMA career going. And everyone keeps going, ‘Are you going to do WWE? Are you going to do Metamoris? Are you going to do four fights this year? Are you going to be an astronaut?’ I’m like, ‘Hold on. I can’t make time to run for President right now, I can only do so many things at one time.’ I would happy to do Metamoris. I think it would be a really cool idea when I’m done fighting, too, because that’s one of those sports that is kinder on the joints that you can do for a long time.”


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