Rose Namajunas: I definitely feel it’s more reliable to go for a submission

Anybody who has seen at least a single mixed martial arts event knows that fights can end in one of three ways…knockout, submission or decision. Anybody who wants to know How submissions are better than knockouts need to check out performances by top fighters like Damien Maia, Rose Namajunas and fan favorite Ronda Rousey. Knockouts can definitely come by skill, but just as many knockouts will come by a lucky punch or kick than just simple skill.

“But the submission, I definitely feel it’s more reliable to go for a submission. Because it’s safer. You can get in and get out. You can take somebody down, and submit them. It’s a a quicker fight, if you have that tool. And I definitely look to use it.”

The same cannot be said for submissions though, because applying a submission hold and then forcing a tap out are two of the most skillful things a competitor can do. In the world of combat sports, there is no such thing as a lucky rear naked choke or a luck knee bar, it is all done via a learned skill set. A fighter who gets knocked out cannot choose to quit or give up in a fight, but when a person gets lock in a submission forces the competitor to make that choice.


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