Ruotolo Twins Build Dream Gym in Costa Rica


Kade and Tye Ruotolo offered a sneak peek of their longtime passion project – a jiu-jitsu gym nestled in the lush green grapplers’ paradise of Costa Rica –  in an Instagram post published today. The post includes photos and video clips of ongoing construction, and is captioned with the words, “My brother and I building our dream gym from the ground up.”

Both Ruotolo brothers have spoken at length about their love for Costa Rica as a country, and their dream of building a gym of their own in one of their favorite places on earth. In an exclusive interview with the Jiu-Jitsu Times back in May, Kade explained, “It won’t be the type of gym where we’re doing classes every day, it’ll be kind of a ‘head’ training spot for us – so that when we’re out there, we can keep training, and can also run jiu-jitsu camps. The goal would be to bring people out for a week, teach them how to surf, and offer privates throughout the week, along with other activities.”

With Tye’s $50,000 bonus win for his debut submission victory against Garry Tonon, combined with Kade’s additional $50,000 bonus for winning the ONE lightweight submission grappling belt, the twins appear on track to turn their dream gym into a reality.


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