Daisy Fresh Welcomes Tom Hardy to Pedigo Submission Fighting Mats, Highlights REORG Charity

Hollywood action star and competitive blue belt Tom Hardy continues his journey through the home academies of jiu-jitsu’s most renowned instructors. In addition to spending time training with John Danaher, Hardy recently appeared in a YouTube video posted on the official YouTube channel of Pedigo Submission Fighting – the notoriously scrappy jiu-jitsu team nicknamed “Daisy Fresh” for their early days training out of a laundromat

The video showsHardy training alongside the Daisy Fresh members, and learning guard passing details from the legendary Heath Pedigo himself. In the video description, Pedigo takes care to highlight the mission of REORG, a charity dedicated to supporting PTSD-afflicted veterans. 

Hardy has previously expressed his passion and support for REORG’s cause, and officially became its head ambassador back in 2018.

Take a look at Hardy and Pedigo in action


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