Ryron Teaches Kimura’s Grandson The Kimura

Ryron grandfather fought Masahiko Kimura on October 23, 1951. Exactly 65 years later, Ryron met Kimura’s grandson, Andrew. Since Andrew did not have any experience in martial arts, Ryron wrote that he decided to show Andrew the Kimura.


Masahiko Kimura was a Japanese professional wrestler who is to this day considered to be one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. The reverse underarm arm lock is often referred to as the “Kimura” in submission grappling. The name came about due to Kimura’s huge win over Hélio Gracie who founded Gracie jiu-jitsu.

The famous bout between Kimura and Gracie took place in Brazil. It is said that Japan would accept nothing less than a win from Kimura. According to sources, the Japanese embassy informed Kimura that he would not be welcomed back in Japan if he lost the match.


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