‘Samurai Training Center’ To Offer Free Jiu-Jitsu Self-Defense For Teachers In Nevada School District

Lee Sakai of the Samurai Training Center in Henderson, Nevada has taken a personal stand against violence towards school teachers, and he is now offering free Jiu-Jitsu self defense classes for Clark County School District Teachers and staff.

In recent years, school teachers have faced violent outbursts from students at increasing rates. The Slap A Teacher trend on TikTok is just one example of ways that students are being encouraged to assault their teachers, and even being rewarded with the opportunity to go viral.

“It bothers me because there are some basic elements that could be learned to actually avoid getting injured… So, I said hey, sounds perfect for what we do, because jiu-jitsu is about controlling your opponent without having to injure them.. Being at the right distance from your attacker. Not being able to have them strike me. Not being able to have my attacker control my position,” Sakai said.

Teachers in Clark County aren’t allowed to touch a student without the student’s prior consent. However, the Clark County Education Association does allow for self defense in extreme situations. Therefore, the training focuses specifically on defense such as escaping chokes and avoiding strikes and vulnerable positions.

Sakai has already been offering classes at Samurai Training Center and recently held a 2-hour session on April 30th. He will be holding the next session for CCSD Teachers and Staff on Saturday, May 28.The session takes place at Samurai Training Center, 6100 Mountain Vista St. #130 Henderson, NV 89014. For more information, visit Sakai’s instagram page @braddahleefromhilo.


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