Scuffle Erupts Between 10th Planet Students and Alleged Aggressors, Caught on Camera

Few things are certain in life, but one of them is the inevitability of a jiu-jitsu street fight caught on camera going immediately viral. From the infamous basketball heel hook incident, to those two jiu-jitsu guys who fought over a TV in the checkout line for a Black Friday sale, it stands to reason that from time to time, combat finds its way out of a combat sports gym and into public.

Most recently, Jason Patterson Jr. of 10th Planet Las Vegas posted a video to his Instagram account of an altercation that took place outside of a local gym. According to Patterson, a pair of men complained that Patterson and his teammates were “staring” at them. Patterson, in an effort to deescalate, asked the men to step outside. When the alleged aggressors continued to raise their voices, the disagreement turned physical.

In the video caption, Patterson writes the following:

Long story. They pressed us in the gym saying we were staring at them. Off rip we tried to calm it down & not escalate it, they started raising their voices so we told them let’s go outside. where we tried to calm it down again, didn’t work LOL. the manager of the gym told us they have started problems with people before including that same day, therefore they got banned & we received no consequences. street fighting ain’t cool & fighting should always be used for safety. funny as hell tho.

The full video is available on Patterson’s Instagram account.


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