Shawn Williams Breaks Down Foot Lock Fundamentals, Positioning and Philosophies

Budo Jake interviews Renzo Gracie Black Belt and 5 Star Martial Arts Head Instructor Shawn Williams about ‘what every student should know about leg locks.’ Shawn Williams is Renzo’s 5th American Black Belt and has trained extensively with John Danaher, Matt Serra, and Ricardo Almeida. He appeared on season 10 of The Ultimate Fighter: GSP vs. Koscheck as one of Georges St. Pierre’s assistant coaches.

In this two-part video series, Budo Jake and Shawn Williams will discuss

Part 1

When you should learn leg locks

Early leg lock concepts and positioning including a leg pummeling drill

Part 2

IBJJF legal leg lock positions

Why are Garry Tonon and Eddie Cummings so good at leg locks?

John Danaher

How much focus should be placed on leg lock training


Part 1

Shawn Williams on the perfect leg lock position for BJJ



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