Shop Manager Subdues Thief with Jiu-Jitsu During TV Interview

You never know when training in self-defense or fighting will help you out. A recent video shows what happens when a store manager uses BJJ on thief during TV interview. BJJ is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and store manager Lenin Ubiera-Cruz used his knowledge to protect his store after a recent round of thefts. During a TV interview, Ubiera-Cruz recognizes one of the thieves and uses BJJ to restrain him until the authorities arrive. Sometimes you just have to take the law into your own hands, at least temporarily. Knowledge of self-defense is almost a necessity in our world today, full of bold thieves and those who care little for their fellow human beings. BJJ uses choke-holds and joint-locks to subdue a person, even someone much larger than the BJJ expert. BJJ is distantly related to judo, and is considered a sport in many countries. Surely this thief will not return to Ubiera-Cruz’s store in the near future.


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