Shop Owner Kicks And Chokes Woman He Thought Was Stealing

Sung Ho Lim, the owner of Missha Beauty in Charlotte, North Carolina, is in some hot water for kicking and violently choking a woman he thought was stealing fake eyelashes.

Lim claimed he heard the store’s alarm go off. After that, he and an unidentified woman began to wrestle the accused thief to the ground.

“Get the fuck off of me!” the woman yelled as Lim and the other woman tried to pull her down.

In another clip, the store owner can be seen kicking the woman with an MMA style leg kick.

When Lim wrestled her to the ground, he put the woman in a scarf hold and began choking her.

“You’re stealing,” he said.

“No, I was not,” the woman responded. “You checked my purse.”

An eyewitness told WBTV that Lim was “almost choking her to death.”

When he was choking her, he was almost choking her to death. She was gasping for breath, and he was continually choking her.

Local NAACP members later visited the store to demand an apology.

“You don’t touch us,” one of them said to Lim. “We are to be cherished.”

Another member reminded him about Eric Garner, the man who was choked in New York City simply for selling cigarettes.

Lim said he was planning an apology, but reports say he also filed a police report accusing the woman of “strong armed robbery.”

The incident attracted protest demanding that locals boycott Lim’s store.

Neither Lim nor his female accomplice have been charged.

You can watch clips of the incident below.

Black Woman Choked by Shop Owner

A shop owner thought this woman stole a pair of eyelashes. So he put her in a chokehold.

Posted by AJ+ on Tuesday, March 14, 2017


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