Solo Drills For Bjj. Drill! Drill! Drill!

Solo Drills For Bjj. Drill! Drill! Drill!

So many students ask “Is there anything I can do outside of bjj class to improve my jiu-jitsu?”
Maybe they can’t make it to as many classes in a week that they would like or are just addicted and are looking for something to do outside of class.

There are some valuable drills you can do on a soft floor to:
1) train your body in the fundamental movements needed for Brazilian jiu-jitsu
2) exercise and strengthen the muscles specific to ground grappling
3) increase your joint mobility and flexibility
4) rolling and gymnastic types of exercises build our balance and equilibrium

* Tip : Instead of sitting around talking academy gossip when you show up early for class, bust out some reps of these drills to maximize your training time at bjj.


2) Basic Training Drills by Charles Dos Anjos
A good introduction to some of the rolling movements required in bjj

3) Cobrinha Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Warmup Exercises
* You can see some Capoeira movements in Cobrinha’s warmup exercises

4) Andre Galvao Solo Drills
This interesting display of improvisation shows how Andre Galvao trains his mobility for fluid movement on the ground.
This is far more relevant to your jiu-jitsu than jumping jacks and biceps curls.

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