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Flickr/ Creative Commons: Team Ironside

In some parts of your country, if you live in a larger city, there will be a number of BJJ clubs to choose from. Some may be million-dollar facilities with the newest and best of every amenity.

But most BJJ academies will be more humble places run as a small business. The owner loves martial arts and will be the sole owner. He will devote many hours every week to the myriad of tasks that running a small business entails. He may be teaching five nights per week in addition to a full time job.

Most instructors do not get into running a BJJ academy with expectations of becoming wealthy. They do it out of love of jiu-jitsu.

Some students view their membership at the academy as purely a business relationship. At the end of class, they pack their kimono into their gym bag and don’t think much about it until the next class.

Some students love the environment of the academy so much they seek ways to contribute to it in ways other than their monthly fees. Believe me, these contributions are VERY MUCH appreciated by the head instructor and are valuable to creating a sense of family within the academy.

Here are  a few ways you can help support your beloved BJJ club.

Bring a friend.

Introducing a buddy to BJJ is how many students get their start in jiu-jitsu. Offer to bring a curious friend to class, lend them a kimono (but not your best Shoyoroll!) and be their training partner.

You are helping build future training partners.

Share academy photos, posts and events on your social media.

In fact, social media marketing is the #1 way many small businesses advertise their services. The more potential students who find out about your academy, the healthier the membership will be, and it will ensure that the academy will continue operating.

It only takes the click of “like” or “share” on your social media to help spread the word about your BJJ academy to hundreds of new eyes.

Contribute your skills.

Do you have graphic design skills? Web design skills? Can you edit videos? All of these skills are needed by a BJJ academy to make posters, advertise events, and make rash guards and shirts. There are numerous ways to contribute to the tasks of running the academy.

Keep the academy clean.

I am frequently surprised at how many empty water bottles, sweaty socks, and t-shirts are left behind after class. Clean up after yourself!

In most of the academies, students will volunteer to clean the mats, which helps ensure a hygienic training environment for everyone.

How do you support your BJJ academy?


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