Tammi Musumeci On Why Are There More Submissions In Point Jiu-Jitsu Events

Several avid Jiu-Jitsu martial artists wonder why are there more submissions in Point Jiu-Jitsu events than submission-only events. The answers can vary from person to person, but one important voice, Tammi Musumeci, believes that it deals with the way the tournaments are ran.

She believes that many people see an advantage with the Point Jiu-Jitsu events because there are several ways to win. A match-up that is based on points can allow someone to win due to things like defensive techniques or polished attacks. A fighter with more ways to win could beat a stronger opponent by simply beating him in other areas.

But Musumeci thinks that most of the fighters who are interested in Point Jiu-Jitsu are a little misguided. They are misguided because those coveted points make it easier for a fighter to get distracted. A fighter will be too worried about scoring points and forget to protect him or herself against a submission move.

She believes a straight submission-only match up is the best way to fight because it gives each fighter one goal. There are no distractions, which makes each fight more focused. Of course this is just one opinion in a sea of others, and the answer will change from person to person.


  1. All valid points to be sure! But consider this change to sport rules: Introduce the Death Match concept. Only way to win is by killing your opponent within the time limit. Time limit expires, BOTH contestants get executed. Introduce something like that and you REALLY find out who’s got the best Jiu Jitsu. It’d also cut way down on this World Champion nonsense. Right now they’re a dime a dozen. With THIS rule set? There can be only ONE. 🙂


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