Technique: The D’arce-angle

Ever secure a D’arce choke and find that you just can’t tighten it enough to get the tap?  Ever get a D’arce choke in place and find that your opponent is able to push into the choke and thus unwind it and relieve the pressure?  It’s happened to me and I’ve found that it’s best to abandon the choke and transition to something else.

One option that I’ve come across is a transition to the triangle.  You’ve already got the other person’s arms separated with one arm isolated.  If you feel the position slipping, or simply want to transition to something different for any reason, try falling back right into a triangle.

If you do try it out, how did it work for you?  Did you find it to be successful?  If you are unable to secure the D’arce choke but are in the D’arce choke position, what do you like to do as an alternative?


    • Sorry you disapprove… What part of this tutorial is amateur? Do you think the move doesn’t work? Or do you feel the explanation is incomplete or in some way lacking?


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