Technique Thursday: If You Don’t Know the Arm Drag, You’re Screwed

The arm drag is a simple, yet highly effective technique that gets overlooked entirely too often. Its applications are almost endless. The arm drag can be used effectively in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, wrestling, Judo, Sambo, or any other martial art that involves grappling. In wrestling, the arm drag is often used to set up or counter a takedown. However, Marcelo Garcia made it famous for being an effective way to take an opponent’s back from the guard.

I love techniques that break down simply and yet, are effective. This one nails both of those criteria. It is easy to use regardless of a person’s size or strength, and is just as effective regardless of an opponent’s size or strength. Once you learn the mechanics of the technique, play around with it some. You’ll find different ways to bait an opponent into giving you their arm, and you’ll start to see it from everywhere while you grapple.

Check out this video from Brandon Ruiz of Ruiz Combat Grappling. He gives a few options and positions to use it from. Enjoy!



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