Technique Thursday: Make Your Ankle Lock Work

There aren’t many techniques that the average BJJ practitioner screws up as often as the straight ankle lock. It’s generally the first leg locks learned, as even lower ranks can use it in competition.  This may be why so many people take so long to truly get this attack down. Also, the attack often gives up position, making it a high-risk/high-reward technique, often frightening inexperienced grapplers away from using it.

However, a solid ankle lock can have devastating effects on one’s opponent. When truly sunk-in, it is impossible to escape, and can damage not only ligaments or tendons, but bone as well. The technique is relatively simple to learn and apply. One merely needs to overcome their fear of attempting it. For help in better learning it, we turn to the leg lock master himself: Dean Lister. Have a watch, and let me know what you think.



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