Technique Video: Mountoplata Tutorial

I am physically bigger than many people I roll with, but sometimes I roll with super heavyweights and they make me feel very little.  Over time, I’ve found that abandoning dead positions and capitalizing on the transition is the smartest way to handle a bigger person bucking me off of them.

This holds true with mount.  When I establish mount on someone who weighs 250+, my knees don’t even touch the ground.  I am very unstable.  To address the instability I need to be prepared to transition right into a submission.  This video is for the “Mountoplata” transition with which I’ve had a lot of success.  The idea is to capture the arm for the omoplata as the the other person pushes me off and to cinch it up in transition.  Very often in transition people don’t keep their elbows as tight to them, and the bigger the opponent, the more space you’ve got to work.

This is not the only solution to this problem, but it’s one that I’ve found useful.  Try it out and post your results!

What do you think of this move?  Have you used it before?  How do you address a much bigger opponent/training partner’s ability to just push you off of mount?


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