The First 5 Submissions Every White Belt Should Know

Learning jiu-jitsu means learning a lot of submissions. If you’re just starting out, this can be overwhelming, especially if your teammates are submitting you over and over again with what seems like an endless variety of techniques!

Fear not — BJJ black belt and JJT founder Kitt Canaria and his adorable, but terrifying gray-and-black belt son are here to give you the rundown of the first five big submissions that you should learn when you first start jiu-jitsu. Whether you’re five or 95, give these moves a try and drill them with a partner!


  1. That little girl is absolutely ‘adorable’! As one with arthritis in the hands from so much hand pounding… this is a much better alternative. ‘Thought about Aikido but have always done well with wrestling moves. And it seems like most if not all fights end up on the floor anyway so Jiu-Jitsu is a wonderful alternative…especially for a 69 year old. God bless.


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