She’s Using Jiu-Jitsu To Defend Herself From People Who Attack And Grab Her Hijab

The hijab grab move didn’t exist when Zaineb Abdulla began taking self-defense classes seven years ago. Abdulla explained that the move—whereby a woman whose headscarf has been grabbed turns on an attacker using jiu-jitsu—was created with her instructor Misho Ceko, “specifically as a response to the rise in hate crimes we saw after Trump’s election.”


  1. After the election, hate crimes did not rise. People falsely claiming that they were the victims of hate crimes rose drastically, and most were subsequently proven to be hoaxes. That this woman is practicing Jiu Jitsu and learning to defend herself is a wonderful thing, but please stop trying to propagate the myth that conservatives are running around pulling hijabs off of innocent women. It’s just not happening.


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