The Perks Of Letting That Submission Go A LITTLE Beyond Your Comfort Zone

From day one, the concept of “better safe than sorry” is preached to us in jiu-jitsu. We’re told to tap when we can’t breathe, or when a limb is twisted or stretched in a way that makes us feel like we’re in danger. “Tap before the pain, not after,” many coaches say.

While this rule is generally true, especially for less experienced students who maybe aren’t as familiar with submissions or their own body’s limits, more advanced students can benefit from letting that submission go a bit longer than is comfortable… so long as they have a trustworthy training partner who knows how to slowly and safely apply submissions.

As Nick Albin (or “Chewy” of Chewjitsu) explains, not tapping right away can yield positive results for both the applier and receiver of the submission if done properly. Check out his explanation below, and if you have a trusted training partner, consider trying this the next time you roll.


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