How Training In “Pods” Can Keep You Safer On The Mats During COVID-19

Photo by: Stewart Uy

Many people have faced a tough decision throughout the months that the pandemic has been going on: stop training entirely to avoid spreading COVID-19, or continue finding ways to train and risk contracting and spreading the novel coronavirus.

As the outbreak has worn on over the months, many academies have reopened with restrictions, and students whose academies haven’t opened yet have begun to question if there’s a way that they can train while at least reducing the risk of spreading the virus. One solution that many martial artists have been employing is the use of “pods,” or small, exclusive groups of training partners. A middle ground between not training and training with everyone in your gym, pods are a safer, but not risk-free way to get your jiu-jitsu training in.

If you want to learn more, check out the advice and wisdom of Stephan Kesting. Kesting, who is a BJJ black belt and firefighter with a biology background, has released a video detailing what pods are, why you should consider training in one, and how to train in a pod the right way. Check it out below and consider implementing these concepts into your current training routine:


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