UFC Matchmaker Mick Maynard Gives His Daughter A Blue Belt & Her First Car

Even though it’s earned toward the beginning of the jiu-jitsu journey, a BJJ blue belt is a hard-earned accomplishment. And in the Maynard family, it’s enough to prove you deserve a car.

UFC matchmaker Mick Maynard, who earned his black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu in 2018 from Renzo Gracie, stayed back from last weekend’s UFC event to attend a special promotion at Renzo Gracie Lake Houston. Both Maynard and his daughter train at the academy, and he wanted to be sure he was around to promote her to blue belt himself. The belt wasn’t the only thing he gave her, though.

Maynard explained that in his family, the rule is if you make it to blue belt, he’ll buy you a car. In a video of the promotion, he tells the class that his rationale is that he wants his kids to get to the point where they can practice basic self-defense, even if they don’t continue on their jiu-jitsu journey. Sure enough, his daughter’s car is waiting outside with a special bow on top. Now that’s some serious motivation to keep showing up to class!

Check out the video of the special moment below:

video: @renzogracielakehouston


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