The Price Of Dedication

If you have been training Jiu-Jitsu for a few years then you surely have learned a lot about both the art and life itself. You have grinded in order to get to where you are, and there was a price. This price you paid might seem insignificant to you at the time, but most people would not have been willing to pay the price. This concept applies to everything in life; no matter what your goal, there will always be a price to be paid. This price can be any combination of money, work, labor and fatigue, but surely there will be a price to achieve what you want. So what price do the veterans pay in order to get where they are? Here is the price paid to stay in the sport long term.

Social Life- If you have been training for a few years, and are dedicated to improvement then surly you have noticed that your social life has suffered. We end up not going out as much and taking more time in order to train and recover. While it isn’t a total loss, our social life does take a hit.

Injuries and Sore Muscles- Its like they say, “If you have been training more than a year, and one day nothing probably died.” If you train hard your body is constantly recovering, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Other Hobbies Dwindle- Once you train for a few years, it becomes your “go-to” activity and other hobbies tend to faze out. This is not to say that we completely lose interest in other activities, but Jiu-Jitsu ends up taking Priority.

What other things have you sacrificed in order to train the art we love?


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