The Unpassable Guard

had the good fortune to train with Prof. Ari Galo at the original Carlson Gracie Academy in Rio de Janeiro who teaches a high level of technique and has a really smooth style of jiu-jitsu.
Ari showed me an unbelievable video of his guard retention techniques.

The video (below) was filmed at a seminar in Germany where a student with wrestling background attempted to pass Ari Galo’s guard.
However, Ari was not allowed to use his hands.

ARI GALO Best guard ever (no Hands)

In the 2dmn video Prof. Galo illustrates the principle that he used to roll and replace the gaurd repeatedly.

Ari Galo explains his famous video of the no hands guard

So how can we learn and incorporate this into our own guard game.
The 3rd video breaks down the movement (aka as the Granby or Monkey Roll) as a powerful tool in your guard retention toolbox.

The Granby Roll broken down for guard retention


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