These Tips & Tricks Can Help Kids Have Fun While Learning Jiu-Jitsu

If you have a child who does jiu-jitsu or are a kids’ jiu-jitsu coach, you’ve probably seen firsthand how challenging it is to keep children focused on specific techniques while still helping them have fun. Many jiu-jitsu techniques are challenging and even frustrating for children and adults alike, but while adults often have the discipline to keep trying, kids have shorter attention spans and patience levels. To successfully teach a child jiu-jitsu while maintaining their interest in the martial art, you have to get creative sometimes.

Multiple-time Euros and No-Gi Pans champion Marcos Tinoco has come up with some fun solutions to help kids tackle some of the challenging movements and techniques they learn in jiu-jitsu. Whether you’re a parent hoping to get your child to develop a love for BJJ or a kids’ coach who wants a way to mix up some of the common techniques taught in class, check out these fun and educational exercises you can do with kids for jiu-jitsu:



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