Things Reportedly Almost Got Ugly Between Khabib Nurmagomedov & Nate Diaz At UFC 239

Image Source: Khabib Nurmagomedov/Nate Diaz via Instagram

Nate Diaz & Khabib Nurmagomedov weren’t on the card at the explosive UFC 239 event last weekend, but apparently, they seemed to be on the verge of trading blows anyway.

Diaz was reportedly on his way to his seat when he encountered Nurmagomedov, and according to Dana White, that’s when the two fighters began to engage in some verbal sparring. “They got into a fight — Khabib and Diaz — talking sh*t to each other back and forth,” said White. “Everybody broke it up, we moved Diaz, and then Diaz left after the [Gilbert] Melendez fight. Everybody got it [under control] before it became anything other than verbal.”

This wouldn’t be the first that Diaz and Nurmagomedov had a less-than-pleasant encounter with each other. At the World Series of Fighting in 2015, Diaz and his brother, Nick, got into a physical fight with Nurmagomedov, with Nate throwing punches and Nick throwing a drink.

Footage of the altercation was posted on social media.

If Nurmagomedov and Diaz ever hope to have the chance to fight each other in the Octagon, they’ll have to wait a while. Diaz has a fight against Anthony Pettis in August at welterweight, and Nurmagomedov is scheduled to fight Dustin Poirier for the lightweight title a month later.


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